Frictionless DApp
Ecosystem for the Metaverse
Bridging Reality to the Metaverse

Play to Earn

Gradian enables decentralised ownership of in-game assets, which makes play-to-earn possible.

Decentralised App Ecosystem

Truly Trustless Metaverse Transactions. From in-game trading to betting, our decentralised apps enable secure metaverse transactions. Built with Algorand's PyTeal Smart Contract language.

Native Support for All Major Game Engines

Effortlessly integrate Gradian into your game with our APIs covering: Unreal Engine, Unity3D, & Javascript. Audited by experienced blockchain developers.

Efficient and Truly Frictionless

Gradian is powered by Algorand: a carbon neutral, high TPS, and nearly feeless decentralised blockchain. Perfect for Metaverse transactions.
At a Glance

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Decentralised App Ecosystem
A dedicated trading DApp to ensure secure in-game trading of digital assets between players. Once each participant authorsises the transaction, items put up for trade are swapped between participant wallets.
Farming & Mining
Play to Earn with Farming & Mining, enabled by a secure DApp that prevents inflation and fraud. The reward is sent to the players wallet address, proportional to some property of the NFT like its material.
In-Game Store
Decentralised in-game store, where the store owner can put assets for sale into a decentralised DApp provided by Gradian for purchase by other players with Gradian tokens.
Betting & Virtual Casino
Betting events can be handled by Gradian's betting DApp to power secure in-game casinos and betting. An RNG outcome decides the winner, and then the winner is paid out by the DApp.
In-Game QR Code Wallet Connect
Scan a QR code to effortlessly connect your wallet to the metaverse. A mobile app wallet built on Algorand's official WalletConnect SDK will be made, which holds your metaverse assets.
Player v Player Non-Fungible Asset Battles
Players can battle with their NFT assets. The outcome is determined by an RNG event based on the traits in the properties field of the ARC69 formatted metadata. A dedicated DApp acts as an independent battle master, ensuring fairness.
Get Gradian

You can acquire Gradian tokens over at TinyMan, a popular decentralised Algorand exchange, where you can swap Algorand tokens for Gradian (ASA ID: 674925395) through our Our Liquidity Pool

Short Term
  • Fungible Token
  • White Paper
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Mid Term
  • Verify ASA
  • Wallet Connect
  • Trading DApp
  • Engine Clients
Long Term
  • Betting DApp
  • P2E Title: Oracle
  • CertiK Audit
  • Exchange Listing