Frictionless GameFi dApp Ecosystem for the Metaverse
Bridging Reality to the Metaverse

Play to Earn

Gradian will enable decentralised ownership of in-game assets, which makes play-to-earn possible.

Decentralised App Ecosystem

Truly Trustless GameFi Transactions. Gradian is developing an ecosystem of dApps for game developers to effortlessly integrate Algorand GameFi transactions into their metaverse games.

Native Support for All Major Game Engines

Add GameFI transactions to your games in a snap, with planned support for: Unreal Engine, Unity, & Javascript.

Efficient and Truly Frictionless

Gradian is powered by Algorand: a carbon neutral, high TPS, and nearly feeless decentralised blockchain. Perfect for Metaverse transactions.
At a Glance

Total Issuance (GRAD)

Transaction Fee

Transactions Per Second
Decentralised App Ecosystem
Gradian intends to develop the following decentralised apps.
A dedicated trading DApp to ensure secure in-game trading of digital assets between players. Once each participant authorsises the transaction, items put up for trade are swapped between participant wallets.
Farming & Mining
Play to Earn with Farming & Mining, enabled by a secure DApp that prevents inflation and fraud. The reward is sent to the players wallet address, proportional to some property of the NFT like its material.
In-Game Store
Decentralised in-game store, where the store owner can put assets for sale into a decentralised DApp provided by Gradian for purchase by other players with Gradian tokens.
In-Game QR Code Wallet Connect
Scan a QR code to effortlessly connect your wallet to the metaverse. A mobile app wallet built on Algorand's official WalletConnect SDK will be made, which holds your metaverse assets.

The year is 2051

AI has advanced considerably driven by unhinged capitalism and greed, with the singularity point of no return closing in. Water is the basic building block of all life, which is scarce due to severe climate change. Nuclear fusion of Helium-3 has become portable and powers everything.

Man vs Machine

Humans have reverted to their primitive origins and exist in factions within a resource scarce dystopian world, fighting other factions for resources to build their fortifications. Artificially intelligent autonomous machines are omnipresent creatures that are a common enemy to all. The race is on to prevent the singularity point from reaching critical mass to prevent human extinction, if ever.

Multiplayer Arena Shooter

In the short term, Gradian is developing a multiplayer team deathmatch Third Person Arena Shooter in this dystopian world setting, where you can side with the humans or the machines. Once complete, this will be expanded into a larger open-world metaverse representing a complete experience. NFTs will represent in-game items such as equipment, avatars, resources and weapons that will be transacted through Gradians dApps to showcase them. The game will have support for VR (Oculus Quest 2), and is currently being developed with Unreal Engine 5.
Short Term
  • Fungible Token
  • White Paper
  • Website
  • Social Media
Mid Term
  • Verify ASA
  • Wallet Connect
  • Oracle (TDM)
  • Trading DApp
Long Term
  • Engine Clients
  • Oracle (Open-World)
  • CertiK Audit
  • Exchange Listing